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40 x 48 Export Pallets

ISPM-15 export pallets for our planet

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GREEN Solutions:
environmentally friendly

Plastic Export Pallets

We provide low cost export pallet solutions that meet ISPM-15 standards when and where you want them.

  • Plastic pallets do not need to be Methyl Bromide fumigated, which eliminates the costs of documentation and heat treating wooden pallets.
  • Weight and size is precise for exact transportation costs.
  • All containers are green products which are 100% recyclable eliminating wood pallet waste.
  • All plastic construction reduces product damage eliminating exposed nails, rust, splinters or broken boards.
  • Workplace safety is improved through a lighter, smooth pallet that is more stable when stacking.
  • Pallets are available in nestable and stackable designs.

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40 x 48 Export Pallets